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Consumption brings us pleasure and helps us to avoid pain and, worst of all, boredom and monotony. Consumption is stimulating, diverting, absorbing, defining, empowering, relaxing, fulfilling, educational, rewarding. If pressed, I would have to confess that I truly enjoy most of the things on which I spend money.
~Gus Speth. Dean, Yale School of Forestry and co-founder of NRDC

Dean Speth is the dean of one of the two top environmental schools in the country (it just happens to be the one I didn’t attend). He’s not your run-of-the-mill environmental Cassandra, despite the contrarian quote above. Mr. Speth is a thoughtful and well-informed observer of the environmental scene. The broad thesis is that the world faces some difficult environmental challenges in the years ahead — chiefly climate change — and that it is ill-equipped to tackle those challenges.

He’s not empty-headed, though, offering up a number of sensible suggestions for improving “global environmental governance.” Speth understands that we must balance the needs of the world’s poorest with concerns about nature.

Read the article and the book.


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23 Mar 2004 at 357pm

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