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The communications office of the House Republican Conference has issued a memo. Republicans should stick with the following talking points:

  • Global warming is not a fact.
  • Links between air quality and asthma are cloudy.
  • America’s rivers and lakes are healthier than the U.S. EPA says.
  • The environment as a whole is improving, despite statements to the contrary from extremists.

This approach could alienate swing voters, who will be central (of course!) to the coming election. Rep. Mike Castle (R-Del.): “If I tried to follow these talking points at a town hall meeting with my constituents, I’d be booed.” And from Jim Jeffords, independent senator from Vermont, “It’s so incredible that they have this denial of any responsibility for the serious situation we have in this country as far as the environment goes.”

UPDATE: Sobell has more on the issue, citing the need to be careful of what any politician says.


Written by Michael

24 Mar 2004 at 851am

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