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REUTERS-SINGAPORE — Malaysian authorities have arrested what has been termed as a “gang of meddling kids” for creating and distributing malicious software code that attackes office systems and sucks up administrative budgets, sparking worldwide chaos, misery, and ridicule.

A cadre of after-school pranksters, composed mainly of 13- and 14-year old teenagers, is alledged to have systematically deciphered conventional accounting practices and painstakingly created a payroll system that in fact doesn’t work and resists modifications to meet user requirements.

The software is in fact a huge computer virus that slips unnoticed into mainframe systems and silently replaces existing administrative modules. Most ingeniously, the virus — using methods presently unknown to modern computer engineers and usability experts — convinces system administrators that it is the best system to use.

International authorities are uncertain how extensively the teenagers’ software is spread, but reports continue to trickle in from jurisdictions such as local school systems, federal agencies, and …

That was fake; this is real. And to think that EPA is going to use the same software.


Written by Michael

02 Apr 2004 at 755pm

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