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Holy C-section!

Here’s a very interesting abstract (from the International Journal of Gynecology & Obstetrics):

An unusual case of self-inflicted cesarean section with maternal and child survival is presented. No similar event was found in an Internet literature search. Because of a lack of medical assistance and a history of fetal death in utero, a 40-year-old multiparous woman unable to deliver herself alone vaginally sliced her abdomen and uterus and delivered her child. She was transferred to a hospital where she underwent repair of the incisions and had to remain hospitalized. Mother and child survived the event. Unusual and extraordinary measures to preserve their offspring sometimes moves women to extreme decisions endangering their own lives. Social, educational, and health measures should be instituted all over the world, particularly in rural areas of developing countries, to avoid such extreme events.

It’s being reported for the first time in the news today, even though it happened two years ago.

Talk about a mother’s instinct to save her child.


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08 Apr 2004 at 402pm

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