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It’s a wonderful gift


Donna and I got this in the mail yesterday, from my aunt Rose (my mom’s brother’s wife). She said that these overalls used to be mine when I was a baby, and that my mom gave it to her to use for her son, Ron, when he was a baby. Instead of using it, she decided to hold on to it with the intent of passing it back for our son. It’s blue, and while we don’t yet know if our baby is a boy or a girl, Donna feels that we’re having a boy, so the overalls may come in handy. This gift, in any case, is a wonderful one, and it’s very surprising and touching.

upclose handmedown

Here’s an upclose of the stitching. Donna thinks it’s a hippo; I think it’s a puppy. Perhaps whoever bought it could settle the dispute.

UPDATE: It’s a hippo. But my mom has never seen these overalls before. Hmm…


Written by Michael

09 Apr 2004 at 107pm

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