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Things are against us

An update on the word resistentialism:

The goal of all inanimate objects is to resist man and ultimately defeat him.
   ~Russel Baker

All doubters of this theory should run to the nearest roll of packing tape.

From Steven T. Patterson:

Ultimately, we come to fear the power of the things we cherish, perhaps because we realize they can be used against us. The only escape from that fear is to cease craving things — a long road for those of us raised in the most materialistic culture on earth.


Written by Michael

11 Apr 2004 at 252pm

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  1. This is very strange. My memory usually never fails me, but I don’t remember this stuff at all. Hmm.


    11 Apr 2004 at 1234am

  2. For those that know me, and know me well, the above was a joke. My memory? Very swissy.


    11 Apr 2004 at 1100am

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