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When genetic researchers do a Web search for Dolly, the subject of their query probably doesn’t have the last name Parton, nor is it likely a magazine for the fun-loving Australian girl who wants to know the latest on everything from fashion and beauty to entertainment news.

Google searches will turn up these results and lots of other noise, unless the researcher specifies that results should not include Parton or fashion but must include cloning. Instead, a scientist could use a search engine like Scirus, which focuses only on Web pages containing scientific content.

Searching more than 167 million science-related pages, Scirus helps you quickly locate scientific information on the Web by filtering out non-scientific sites; finding peer-reviewed articles in PDF and PostScript files; and searching the world’s largest database of scientific, technical and medical journals.

That’s awesome! (If you’re a geek like me.)


Written by Michael

12 Apr 2004 at 159pm

Posted in Misc.

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