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Will rising gas prices change our driving behavior? Probably not. Gas prices have reached a national average of $1.80 per gallon, American drivers are buying more gas than ever, and big, gas-guzzling SUVs are flying off showroom floors (the Hummer gets 10 mpg in the city — crikey).

What price level would cause enough pain to change behavior? Some think that the $2 per gallon mark would do it, but gas exceeds that level in California with no dent in driving habits. Others say $3 per gallon — which could be reached as soon as Memorial Day, given current trends — might be the magic number.

If you decide to get a new car with better mileage, be aware that even EPA gets it wrong once in a while (that’s a new one). You might not be getting as many mpg as you think.


Written by Michael

14 Apr 2004 at 234pm

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