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Here’s a chart showing a comparison between the three big reality shows: Survivor vs. American Idol vs. The Apprentice. The final tally is Survivor 3, The Apprentice 3, and American Idol 2. They’re spot on about the villains: Assorama is the most clueless person I’ve ever seen on TV. I do think Jeff Probst is the best host, since Trump was deader than wood during the cheesy live finale of The Apprentice. (Seacrest? Joke.)

The Apprentice is riding high, but I don’t think it will duplicate the success of American Idol and Survivor. People call The Apprentice the “urban Survivor” but it’s not. Survivor is about the tribal council and the strategy leading up to a torch snuffing for some unfortunate contestant. There’s absolutely no strategy in The Apprentice — it’s all about Trump (the way he likes it). Who will Trump fire this week? There’s no way for viewers to participate, as in American Idol. Obviously, we can’t participate in voting off Survivor players, but neither can Jeff Probst. The voting is up to the other players, which makes for the great strategy (this season not-withstanding) that compels us to watch.

(And the premise of Trump’s show is bogus. If it’s a job interview, how can you be fired?)


Written by Michael

17 Apr 2004 at 1253pm

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