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Do you get a lot of CDs in the mail? You know, from AOL, or Earthlink, or the latest ISP du jour? A California Assembly bill would require companies that mail CDs or DVDs in unsolicited bulk to include self-addressed, stamped envelopes. So if you don’t want another offer of 1,000 free hours of AOL, you can mail the CD back to the company or to a processing plant that recycles CDs.

These mail CDs have become a fixture of modern life, cluttering our mailboxes, magazines, and, most problematic, landfills, where they take hundreds of years to decompose. (Just like baby diapers.) Additionally, CDs are largely made from a polycarbonate plastic, which is ultimately derived from crude oil. Help is on the way, though:

A new type of Blu-Ray digital video disk made largely from paper has been developed by Sony and Toppan Printing in Japan. The two companies say such paper-based disks will be cheaper to make and less environmentally harmful. Blu-Ray disks, considered a successor to conventional DVDs, store data using a blue laser rather than a regular red one.

The resulting prototype consists of 51 per cent paper but is still capable of storing up to 25 gigabytes of data. Regular DVDs have less than half this capacity.


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20 Apr 2004 at 1021am

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