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Day 2 and … nothing

Today is day two of the Great Baby Wait. Nothing’s really happening. Donna takes issue with that statement, but she also understands that I’m not the one with the basketball parked in my abdomen, squishing internal organs into cavities not normally occupied. She’s handling everything so well that I occasionally think that there’s nothing to it. In a few days, I’ll be violently disabused of that notion, to be sure, as I stand in awe of what Donna’s doing and what’s she gone through. But now, it’s that calm before the storm.

People keep telling us to stock up on sleep, as if it’s something we can store in the freezer. (We stocked up on food, but repeated calls for more junk food and chocolate will not be ignored.) Since it’s the plan to breastfeed the baby, Donna’s body is going to wake her up when it’s time. She’ll probably never get more than four hours of sleep at a time for the next few months. Using a breastpump won’t help, since her boobs will be an internal alarm clock — when they’re full, the baby’s ready to go.

The added bonus that both of us will be in full parental mode: ready to drop everything if the baby so much as hiccups. That’s not real conducive for naps. The full parental mode will last for the rest of our lives. Children are fragile and klutzy, and you only have to look away for one minute.

I’m looking forward to it, even if it’s hard, ’cause Donna will be right there with me.


Written by Michael

27 Apr 2004 at 409pm

Posted in Misc.

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