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Leaden water

There’s an interesting quote in this Washington Post article (30 April):

But he said his pediatrician assured him that water is rarely a major contributor to elevated blood lead levels. “The doctors are more worried about paint and dust,” he said. “None of the kids with seriously high lead got it from water. If anything, water is the icing on the cake.”

It turns out that virtually all of the DC children diagnosed with elevated levels of lead lived in homes with paint particles, dust, or soil containing lead that exceeded federal guidelines. That was new information Any amount of lead is, of course, bad news.

EPA approved a plan to add a zinc orthophosphate to the drinking water in DC. The chemical forms a protective coating on lead pipes and plumbing fixtures; some side effects are possible, including rust colored water.

The water in our apartment building contained neglible amounts of lead, good news for us.


Written by Michael

02 May 2004 at 722am

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