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Slowly but surely

It’s taking some time, but the prostaglandin treatments are working. The hormones are smoothing the way, and a few hours ago, Donna was 80% effaced and 3 cm dilated. The nurses will be back soon to check again, and then to apply the last treatment.

UPDATE: Donna is still 80% effaced and a “wiggly 1 cm” dilated. She’s getting a little discouraged, and I did my best to cheer her up. The midwife is sending us home in an hour, and if nothing happens overnight, we’ll be right back here tomorrow morning, 8a. They’ll start with the pitocin at that time.

I’ll take her out for some good food, and then we’ll get a good night’s rest. Maybe after a game of Scrabble (she kicked my ass yesterday — with her first bingo — and it’s time for payback). Then again, Scrabble might be the last thing on her mind.


Written by Michael

05 May 2004 at 613pm

Posted in Misc.

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