A Bowlful of Cherries

Celebrating Matty and Noah

A brief respite

An 500 Internal Server Error prevented me from posting any entries in the past few days, and I apologize. The new baby could easily be a great excuse — who has time to do anything but cater to a 20-inch long package of poop and cute fingers and chubby cheeks and “that’s my chin” and “I think that’s the ‘Change. Diaper. Now.’ cry” — but really, I’ve been up for about 65 of the past 72 hours. It certainly wasn’t a lack of time. But problem solved (I reset file permissions), and bowlful should return to its usual frequency.

Right now, Donna’s sleeping. So is Matty, and I’m not about to wake him. It’s after two o’clock in the morning, and my sleep schedule got shot to hell. Donna’s sleeping on the couch, and Matty’s in the infant car seat. We finally figured out that he prefers the closed-in look, so we swaddle him and then deposit him into the car seat. That puts him down for 2-3 hours, which are ours to do with as we wish! Meaning the laundry.

Matty’s doing well. He has an alarming tendency to claw at his face (does he know it’s his face?), but is otherwise normal. He can hear, which clears one concern of mine, but delayed onset hearing loss is always a possibility, and it’s something I’ll watch out for. His color is good, and he’s feeding at an awesome rate. Donna’s milk is coming in, and we’re gonna have a superstar of a boy.

Changing his diapers is surprisingly easy. We do have to be careful, since Matty had an encounter with the secular mohel (warning: not for the queasy). Donna and I derive great pleasure in categorizing Matty’s diaper contents, which surprisingly don’t smell. Pretty soon, when he starts getting more than just colustrum, we’ll have lots more fun. We were rolling on the floor this afternoon after Matty nearly hit me with a couple of tablespoons of pee. It shocked me — I had no idea urine could travel that far. Am I prepared for projectile vomiting yet?


Written by Michael

11 May 2004 at 227am

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