A Bowlful of Cherries

Celebrating Matty and Noah


I haven’t been able to post as often as I like — it’s amazing how something so tiny can take up so much of your time. Part of it is taking care of Matty, so Donna can rest (I’m sure she feels like a keg at times — Matty just keeps sucking away); part of it is doing what I can for Donna while she’s taking care of Matty. I post when Donna and Matty are sleeping; I should make a macro for “Donna and Matty are sleeping.” It’s not often that the stars align.

The biggest change is the worry. If we’re not moaning, “He’s not sleeping enough,” we’re moaning, “He’s sleeping too much,” and we try to wake him. Seasoned parents will tell you that’s a no-no — let ’em sleep, they do it so little.

It’s tough enough that Matty takes a long time breastfeeding. From A Baby Story:

From The Baby Book, by William and Martha Sears, regarding babies who take a very long time breastfeeding:

“If you have the time and baby has the desire, cherish every lingering meal, as breastfeeding is a phase of life with your baby that passes all too quickly.”

Learn from my experience. Do not read this quote to an exhausted woman at the suckee end of a 3 AM marathon feeding session, unless you want her to do something to you with her free hand you will neither “cherish” nor want to “linger” over.

Breastfeeding might do wonders for the baby, but it’s a serious pain in the ass. (I could say “teat,” but .. nah.) The long breastfeeding times compound our worry because we’re not getting much sleep at all. When you’re already frazzled with nerves shot to holy Pete, all of your worries are magnified.

Conversely, all the victories are huge — on a level with Einstein over light in 1905 or Randy Johnson’s perfect game last night (OK, not really). When Matty finally had a bowel movement, there was much hi-fivin’ and discussion about the best bowel movements of all time (OK, not really). When he lifts his head (on his own!) or has a gassy smile, all the stress melts away.

Until he needs to be fed again. And cries until he gets the keg.


Written by Michael

19 May 2004 at 1240pm

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