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A report from the Environmental Working Group (EWG) and other nonprofits says that only 11% of the 10,500 chemical ingredients used in personal-care products in the U.S. have been tested for safety, and many of those tests were overseen by an industry scientific review board.

Most of the ingredients don’t pose worrisome risks, but because people use many different products each day — an average of 10 for U.S. adults — it could add up. EWG has compiled a product guide that tells details which products are most safe and which are best avoided.

We occasionally use Neutrogena T-Gel Shampoo, which is among the ten worst shampoo products and which contains coal tar,

a known human carcinogen (NTP 2004, IARC 2004). …None of the products [containing coal tar] note potential cancer risks on their labels. [These] products contain penetration enhancers, ingredients that may increase the absorption of coal tar through the scalp and into the blood vessels below.

Nice. I guess I’ll let the dandruff go unchecked. And we might switch to Johnson’s Baby Baby Oil, rather than Baby Baby Lotion. The Baby Baby Soap Bar is a good choice, too.


Written by Michael

09 Jun 2004 at 1038am

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