A Bowlful of Cherries

Celebrating Matty and Noah


The word of the day is

papuliferous (pa-pu-LIF-uhr-uhs) adjective , also papilliferous

Having pimples. [From Latin papula (pimple) + -ferous (bearing).]

So Matty is papuliferous. To be fair, baby’s acne is pretty common and is called milia. Matty has some of Donna’s hormones circulating in his system (he breastfeeds), and these hormones overstimulate his oil glands. Excess oil makes it difficult to efficiently shed dead skin cells, which then get trapped in Matty’s tiny, tiny pores. The build-up looks like white or yellow bumps, and Matty has them all over his face. We’re told to leave them alone; they’ll go away in a few months when Donna stops breastfeeding.

Does the acne mean Matty will grow up to have acne? No, a baby with milia isn’t predestined to have acne. Genetics is a bigger predictor of future acne. Since Donna and I had (have) acne as a teenager or as an adult, Matty has a higher likelihood of developing it when he gets older.

Cwap. Acne’s no fun.


Written by Michael

16 Jun 2004 at 933am

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