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Matty sleeps all night now; it’s like clockwork. Without fail, we put him down between 930-1030pm, and he wakes up around 7-8am. That’s been his standard for about a month now.

Imagine our shock and distress one night when he stayed up until 1115p! What are you doing, little man? Did somebody put some speed in your feed? Did the repeated camera flashes flip a switch and now you’re Dr. No (Sleep)? Were you really that interested in The Amazing Race? After loading another massive quantity of formula into his distended little belly, he finally dropped off.

Typically, Matty wakes up around 8a, after I leave for work, and goes to bed around 10p. He doesn’t nap much during the day, which means Donna goes to superhuman efforts to entertain him while I’m at work: “This here is the carpet! Here’s some lint!” I don’t know how she does it, but there she is, day after day.

Being at work during the day means I miss the little man’s daily movement. That’s A-OK with me. WMD, indeed.

When I get home, I do my best to share the load love. Donna gets a little bit of free time — not much, since I’m generally clueless around the little man. “This here is the carpet! Oh, you saw it already? Hmm. What to do?” I do have the capability of making him laugh by opening my mouth, so my evenings are an exercise in chewing. It’s very odd.

Then Matty gets his bath. We’re very fortunate that he loves his baths, and he eases himself into the water with little oohs and sighs like it’s some high-falutin spa treatment. After his massage treatment (with lotion, not oils — we’re not spoiling him that much) and a quick style of the ‘do, he imbibes his last bottle of the day. (He’ll eat about 40 ounces each day, give or take 5oz.)

There’s lot of variations throughout the day, to be sure. But that’s his routine. And when he deviates from it … Momma and Papa panic.

UPDATE: Actually, we’re even luckier than that. Little Face hits the crib even earlier. I guess sometimes it just feels late. He starts acting like he’s wearing cranky pants at 8:15ish. This means, “Give me my bath, my bottle, and my blankie, I want to hit the sheets!” And we oblige. This routine is fabulous and we feel very lucky. As far as the panic that arises when there is any deviation? Hmm, well, that’s all from Papa. This mama is starting to become a cool cucumber. Woo! 🙂 -Donna

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31 Aug 2004 at 1007am

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Tall boy.

Standing up MattyStanding up Matty 2

Written by Donna

30 Aug 2004 at 233pm

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Mischievous Matty.

Matty smiles Matty smiling 2

Written by Donna

30 Aug 2004 at 231pm

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Matty loves his Snugli Bear.

Little Face and S.B. on the way home from Jersey.

Matty and snugli bear 1Matty and snugli 2

Written by Donna

30 Aug 2004 at 229pm

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Baby blue.

Matty in blue 1Matty in blue 2Matty in blue 3

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30 Aug 2004 at 227pm

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Big bed, Little Face.

Matty on big white bedClose up of Matty on bed

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30 Aug 2004 at 225pm

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Matt’s new wheels.

Matty in his new walkerNew walker side
Smiles in the walkerMore smiles in the walker

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26 Aug 2004 at 1013pm

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More red, more cute.

We definitely dig the color red on Little Face. He looks like a sweet present in his new scarlet sleeper.

Matty and Papa 1Matty and Papa 2
Sweet face Sweet smile

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26 Aug 2004 at 1006pm

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