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Celebrating Matty and Noah

Little Face flies for the first time.

Mike had an EPA web conference in Dallas, so we figured why not get Matty on a plane and see how he does. We checked it out with the pediatrician and were given the green light. Recommendations on how to keep him happy on the 2 and a half hour flight were basically feed him on takeoff and landing. I tell you, for this length of flight, it’s all about timing people. Timing. We changed his diaper at the last moment before boarding, we tried to keep him entertained in the terminal so he wouldn’t sleep or want to eat, hoping he would partake in those activities on the plane. When it came down to it? He was a pleasure to fly with. We fed him on takeoff and landing and everything in between went unbelievably smooth. He hung out in his carrier, chilled on Mama’s lap, and contemplated some of the kookey products offered in the SkyMall magazine. He didn’t cry or scream or put up a fight or puke or poop (not a notable one anyway). He just drooled and smiled and slept and laid back to enjoy the flight. Little Face was a joy and we all look forward to the next flight. (I hope we didn’t jinx ourselves.)

Matty on planeMatty looking out plane window

Matty sees the cameraMatty reads SkyMall mag

He had a great time in the hotel room too. We kept him entertained with some DVDs that we brought along. You can see him intently viewing Toy Story.

Matty sits upMatty discovers the computerMatty watches Toy Story

He also proclaimed the king size bed a good fit.

Matty the bed hogMatty gets comfy

Finally, he hangs out with Papa, then manages his best Supremes impersonation.

Matty and Daddy, off from workStop in the name of love

(Stop! In the name of love…)


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13 Aug 2004 at 133pm

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