A Bowlful of Cherries

Celebrating Matty and Noah

More shots with the ‘rents.

Mama and Matty 1 Matty and Mama

(I had to do a double take on that second picture. Indeed, it is not his middle finger. Though that would have been funny.)

Beaming smile Matthew and Mike Wide eyes


Written by Donna

23 Aug 2004 at 949am

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  1. Heh. Was he telling us something?

    Matty: “Enough with the pictures. Please.”


    23 Aug 2004 at 1043am

  2. He’s so handsome in his very preppy shirt.

    aunt shari

    23 Aug 2004 at 1112am

  3. Matty really looks like his daddy when he was a baby…


    23 Aug 2004 at 1106pm

  4. Except he’ll be even better looking.


    24 Aug 2004 at 754am

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