A Bowlful of Cherries

Celebrating Matty and Noah

Matt’s new wheels.

Matty in his new walkerNew walker side
Smiles in the walkerMore smiles in the walker

Written by Donna

26 Aug 2004 at 1013pm

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  1. OK, these pictures are incredibly cute. If only my workstation was as neat as Matty’s.


    30 Aug 2004 at 1058am

  2. yes they are very cute, i give matty time, i’m sure that it will get messy eventually

    aunt shari

    30 Aug 2004 at 333pm

  3. Well, I meant as awesome. I don’t have those bells and whistles that the little man has. 😦


    30 Aug 2004 at 414pm

  4. gottcha

    aunt shari

    30 Aug 2004 at 509pm

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