A Bowlful of Cherries

Celebrating Matty and Noah

More red, more cute.

We definitely dig the color red on Little Face. He looks like a sweet present in his new scarlet sleeper.

Matty and Papa 1Matty and Papa 2
Sweet face Sweet smile


Written by Donna

26 Aug 2004 at 1006pm

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  1. Lest people ask, in that first photo, Matty wouldn’t stop staring at the TV (we know, he’s a couchie). I’m attempting, and it works, to get him to look at Momma and the camera.


    26 Aug 2004 at 1048pm

  2. And yeah, he does look like he’s simply tolerating the old man in that first picture.

    Matty: “Sigh. Here we go again.”


    30 Aug 2004 at 1059am

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