A Bowlful of Cherries

Celebrating Matty and Noah

Big bed, Little Face.

Matty on big white bedClose up of Matty on bed

Written by Donna

30 Aug 2004 at 225pm

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  1. these pictures are soooooooooooo sweet, he’s such an angel, I miss & love you guys already

    aunt shari

    30 Aug 2004 at 332pm

  2. You love us already? That’s nice …. 😉


    30 Aug 2004 at 337pm

  3. And yes, you can put smilies in your comments.

      😮 🙂 😦 etc.


    30 Aug 2004 at 338pm

  4. i meant that i miss you guys already & i love you guys too, funny mike, very funny

    aunt shari

    30 Aug 2004 at 508pm

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