A Bowlful of Cherries

Celebrating Matty and Noah

Do unto others…

I and the public know.
What all schoolchildren learn.
Those to whom evil is done.
Do evil in return.
   ~W.H. Auden, poet (1907-1973)

Guess we should stop making fun of the way Matty’s full diaper makes him look like a male ballet dancer in tights. He’ll grow up and get back at us in our senile age.


Written by Michael

03 Sep 2004 at 822am

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  1. What’s really funny is an extremely wet diaper…those things do retain water. make sure you buy swimmers when Matty’s ready for the pool…


    03 Sep 2004 at 352pm

  2. We got swimmers with Nemo on ’em!


    04 Sep 2004 at 608am

  3. Don’t tell Ellie; she’ll be jealous! :o)


    04 Sep 2004 at 1150am

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