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Hurricane Frances

Hurricane Frances is slowly making its way toward the east coast of Florida, where Donna’s father owns a house.

Hurricane FrancesHere’s a miniature map of Frances’s projected path, linking to the full size image at the National Hurricane Center (NHC). It updates automatically as the NHC updates their info.


Written by Michael

03 Sep 2004 at 829am

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  1. Frances made landfall 25/30 miles NOrth of us, but it certainly made a mess of our area as well. Lost a lot of trees & bushes. One large tree in back yard is uprooted and leaning against the hurrican shutters (caused no damage to the house) Did loose some roof tiles and need to get them replaced. Hard to find a roofing contractor to come out at this point. We are on 3 waiting lists. So far no leaks but am worried untill it gets repaired. We did have electricity restored quickly compared to some areas that are still out. That is a blessing as well as you can’t have a house in South Florida un cooled for very long. Mold and other things can occur. All in all I guess we were very lucky as compared to others.

    Stan (Dad of Donna)

    09 Sep 2004 at 1049pm

  2. You’ll have Rolaids moments every year you own property in Florida. A colleague has houses in the Outer Banks, and he goes through the same heartache during hurricane season.

    Now you’re waiting for Ivan, next Jeanne, then Karl, finally Lisa. And there’s probably more after that….


    09 Sep 2004 at 1104pm

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