A Bowlful of Cherries

Celebrating Matty and Noah

Happy Birthday Mom!

“The years teach much which the days never knew.”
   ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Written by Donna

07 Sep 2004 at 646pm

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  1. Happy (early) Birthday to mom! Donna, that was nice of you to do this for the birthday people, your dad and my parents.


    07 Sep 2004 at 912pm

  2. I’m happy to! It stinks being so far away from family!


    08 Sep 2004 at 1213am

  3. Happy birthday Mike’s mom.

    aunt shari

    08 Sep 2004 at 1007am

  4. tell me about the distance…I’m glad we here in Vegas at least get to see pictures of Matty and you guys via the website…the real thing would be better, 🙂


    08 Sep 2004 at 1105am

  5. Thanks Mike & Donna. Going shopping with the girls tonight to buy some other September birthdays presents. Had a cookout on Monday at the house. Born in 52, turning 52…should that mean something special?

    I love you

    Vicki Loob

    08 Sep 2004 at 1216pm

  6. Glad I’m only 49…

    Mike H

    08 Sep 2004 at 759pm

  7. 49 and holding, right? 🙂


    08 Sep 2004 at 956pm

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