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Little Face takes on cereal.

He did it. His first foray with solids. It went surprisingly well, I think. His bib may tell another story. The doctor advised that we can start off by putting some cereal in his bottle, or we can try it with a spoon right away, our choice. He did advise that the spoon method will take some getting used to for the little man, but eventually he would get the hang of it. We opted for the spoon route. Maybe because we figured it would be more entertaining? He didn’t let us down. Lots of “what the??” faces and even a cereal sneeze! All in all, he didn’t love it, he didn’t hate it, I think he merely tolerated it and us. (As usual.) But he did “finish” the whole bowl. The real comedy was after we were all cleaned up and he was hanging out on my lap, he looked like he was in a trance. Typically he’s a wiggleworm times ten, but after we filled that belly with some sunstantial vittles? Practically motionless. Enjoy the sequence below!

matt with bowlmatt takes a spoonmatt eatingmatt eatsmatty eatsmatty eatingeatingmatty eatinmatt makes a messcereal and mattbib


Written by Donna

10 Sep 2004 at 820am

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  1. OK, I know I took these pictures, and I was there the whole time, but that sequence is just fabulous. Kudos to an excellent entry.

    My favorite, still, is the 5th photo. Boy, that’s some ambiguity: is that a blissed-out look? Or is he about to gag and force himself to swallow? Too :)!


    10 Sep 2004 at 907am

  2. Hey, hey, thanks for the compliment babes. No doubt Little Face himself is what makes it so fabulous. That is a blissed-out look, it’s hilarious. I am convinced that the 6th photo is, “Mmm, this is sooooo good.” I know, I know, it’s wishful thinking.


    10 Sep 2004 at 929am

  3. But, that 7th photo is “No more!” Or something.


    10 Sep 2004 at 1002am

  4. Hope you guys have a lot of bibs! Can’t wait to see you.

    Vicki Loob

    10 Sep 2004 at 1029am

  5. i was so upset, i could’nt get on the internet to see my baby until now,which is 4:30pm on friday, i had problems with my internet connection, but all is good now and i can see my baby again, looks like he was licking the bowl in the one picture. great story telling and great pictures. keep em coming, they’re only gonna get better now. love you guys

    aunt shari

    10 Sep 2004 at 431pm

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