A Bowlful of Cherries

Celebrating Matty and Noah

And there’s that red hat again.

True be told, he’s at an age where he doesn’t quite notice that it’s even up there. He does have that adorable mix of smashing and goofy, doesn’t he?

All of usmatt in hatmatt in hat with papamatt with hat


Written by Donna

18 Sep 2004 at 436pm

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  1. great set of pictures. the first one a great little family shot is very nice. im really liking his red hat.(for 1 because his aunt shari brought it and for 2 it looks really cute on him)

    aunt shari

    20 Sep 2004 at 245pm

  2. the sky the 3rd picture is amazing, what a great picture. it definetly looks like you all were very lucky with the great weather

    aunt shari

    20 Sep 2004 at 248pm

  3. and of course what fun would it be to read what i type if i didn’t spell something wrong, “definitely” right?

    aunt shari

    20 Sep 2004 at 253pm

  4. always in a rush i am, and actaully it would take up less time if i would read what i typed before i hit the say it button………..

    aunt shari

    20 Sep 2004 at 255pm

  5. That fam pic is a very good one. See you guys next month.


    22 Sep 2004 at 1218pm

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