A Bowlful of Cherries

Celebrating Matty and Noah

Little Face and Co. hit the Banks.

The Outer Banks that is. Ocracoke Island to be exact. If you please, you can take a moment to read up on the island. First Blackbeard, now Matty. Aw yeah. We stayed for 5 days in the beautiful beach house Day-O, owned by Jerry Newsome, a colleague of Mike’s. Accompanying the Hessling gang-of-three was my sister Cindi and my brother-in-law Brian. Our days were spent sunning, bodysurfing, kite-flying, and playing some serious UNO (I won!). Though to be sure, Matty didn’t partake in any of that. He had his own stuff to do. Mainly eating, drinking, pooping, and snoozing under the shade of his sun tent. We ventured him out to the lovely Atlantic a few times. We dangled his little tootsies into the bluegreen foam and were met with some mild indifference. He stared a lot, wondering, “What in the world is this now?”. The sandy beach too did little to get a yay or nay rise out of him. All in all, I’d say, as long as he had a fresh diaper and a cold baba, he was having a grand old time. Which, what more could you expect from a 4 month old? The weather was just wonderful as Ivan the Terrible stayed away. We were above 80 degrees every day, sometimes with sun, sometimes with clouds, but with very little rain. The ocean conditions were on the mark as well, refreshing and fun without being shockingly cold or too rough. To sum up, we all had a great time and as I write this, I can’t stop singing that cool 80’s song by the Go-Gos:

All I ever wanted
Had to get away
Meant to be spent alone

Except that last part. Vacations are always better when spent with family. See you soon Bri and Cin, it was good times!

And now for your viewing pleasure, Ocracoke Vacation, September 2004:

Ferries are fun.

Matty’s beach debut.

Miscellany beachy.

And there’s that red hat again.

Matt takes off.

A final day of sand in our shorts.

1 comfy big sofa, 1 cute Little Face.

“I don’t see Mars on this map.”

The long drive home.


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18 Sep 2004 at 440pm

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