A Bowlful of Cherries

Celebrating Matty and Noah

Matty’s beach debut.

It was quite windy that first day, but Little Face took it in stride. His first encounter with the ocean went quite well, and as you can see in that second photo, he felt comfortable enough with the other beachgoers to bare his baby belly. (Say that five times fast!)

                     matt and papa beach

matt in the water mama and matt in the oceanmatt and the ocean


Written by Donna

18 Sep 2004 at 438pm

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  1. His legs are crossed in the third photo. Too cute.


    20 Sep 2004 at 1149am

  2. he’s like what the heck is all this water, he’s looks a little weirded out by the new experience. but i’m sure that when ever mommy gets a chance and is near any beach, that baby matty will be right there and eventually get very used to it, and even enjoy it.

    aunt shari

    20 Sep 2004 at 238pm

  3. Donna, You should work for a newspaper or maybe write a book. You are toooo funny!!. Matty is getting so big. Such a handsome little man. Runs in the family. Everyone looks great. Just keep the photos coming!!

    Aunt Debbie

    04 Oct 2004 at 706am

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