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Matty’s beach debut.

It was quite windy that first day, but Little Face took it in stride. His first encounter with the ocean went quite well, and as you can see in that second photo, he felt comfortable enough with the other beachgoers to bare his baby belly. (Say that five times fast!)

                     matt and papa beach

matt in the water mama and matt in the oceanmatt and the ocean


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18 Sep 2004 at 438pm

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Miscellany beachy.

Bri and Mike go fly a kite. Okay so you can’t actually see the kite, but if you strain your eyes really hard, you might see the kite string. Woo! Matt and Papa hang out at the comfy cottage. And lastly, Little Face gets a little wind-blown. Hee!

Mike and Brianmatt and papa in the rocking chairmatt in the wind

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18 Sep 2004 at 437pm

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And there’s that red hat again.

True be told, he’s at an age where he doesn’t quite notice that it’s even up there. He does have that adorable mix of smashing and goofy, doesn’t he?

All of usmatt in hatmatt in hat with papamatt with hat

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18 Sep 2004 at 436pm

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Matt takes off.

Dad and Little Face have a fun time playing airplane.

Matt and papaplaying airplanematt and dad playing

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18 Sep 2004 at 435pm

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A final day of sand in our shorts.

No red hat today, but the red shirt should cover the day’s crimson quota. Matt seems to dislike being the only one without a hat though, he makes a grab for mine.

matt and dadmatt and dad 2the familythe family 2

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18 Sep 2004 at 434pm

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1 comfy big sofa, 1 cute Little Face.

Matt and Uncle Brian enjoy meaningful conversation.

matt and the striped couchmatt and uncle bri

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18 Sep 2004 at 433pm

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“I don’t see Mars on this map.”

Passing through Frisco, NC on the way down proved interesting when we whizzed past this UFO house. We were sure to stop on our drive home. It is an actual house it seems, from the look of the attached air conditioning unit. I was the lone brave soul to go up and cop a feel. The alien heads staring out the windows freaked me out though. We snapped our pics and headed out, glad that the martians didn’t appear to be home.

martian houseufo house and donnamars house

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18 Sep 2004 at 432pm

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