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Fun with knives and pumpkins.

It was a messy job, but somebody had to do it.

Who’s there?

Boo brothers.

Standard Jack.

Group shot.

Written by Donna

29 Oct 2004 at 108pm

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Seriously, it never gets old.

More fun with shirts on head. You can kinda see Little Face’s new teeth in the second picture.

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29 Oct 2004 at 103pm

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Matthew hangs with his ‘rents.

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29 Oct 2004 at 101pm

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Internet Vets for Truth

Written by Michael

29 Oct 2004 at 1200pm

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Tip your Waiter

Written by Michael

28 Oct 2004 at 326pm

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Do Pigs Fly?

They do. Let all those who bemoan the Curse give it a rest. No longer can they use it as a crutch instead of really invesigating why the Sox lost for all those years. But nevermind that now.

Your Boston Red Sox.

Boxscore, Red Sox vs Cardinals, 2004

Sox Win, 2004

Written by Michael

28 Oct 2004 at 857am

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NJ familytime.

We spent the rest of Sunday hanging out with family. Matt gets to meet his step-cousin Michael, who was born just 2 days before him. Plus he met our Aunt Denise for the first time.

Here, the little fellows extend their greetings.

It was a lovely, but cool, fall day. Aunt Shari and Matt fight the chill by wrapping up and making cozytime with his blankie.

Papa helps Little Face with his gymnastics.

Dad and Rose enjoy holding their newest grandbabies.

Aunt Shari, Aunt Denise, Mama, and the man.

Written by Donna

26 Oct 2004 at 1131am

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Little Face takes to the pumpkin patch.

This past Sunday we headed over to the Willow Creek Nursery to pick up some pumpkins for carving. It was a fun day as we hit the small corn maze and let Matt pick out the perfect pumpkin specimen.

Matty and I did our best not to get lost or trapped amidst the stalks.

Mike had less luck.

Tried as he might, Little Face just could not lift that big pumpkin. Instead he chose to cop a squat on it.

The farm had these great cutouts that Matt took to right away. Little Face blends right in!

We both take our shots in front of the kiddie pumpkin patch.

Written by Donna

26 Oct 2004 at 1119am

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