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Celebrating Matty and Noah

Sometimes, this is how the chicken sleeps.

matt sleepingmatt sleeps


Written by Donna

04 Oct 2004 at 1036am

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  1. He was doing that again this morning, too. It’s not a one-time thing. He actually does laps around the crib (tm Donna).


    04 Oct 2004 at 1240pm

  2. Matthew sleeps just like his mom used at times!
    But Momma bear used to rock back & forth too!

    Grandma Chris

    05 Oct 2004 at 1020am

  3. Hahah! I should post pictures showing how Donna sleeps now!


    05 Oct 2004 at 1040am

  4. Hey, hey. Easy now.
    So I turned from a cute rocking little bear to a mouth-open sleeping fool, what of it?? 🙂


    05 Oct 2004 at 1152am

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