A Bowlful of Cherries

Celebrating Matty and Noah

The man of the hour.

Ladies and Gentlemen…Curtis Montague Schilling.

It was a night of pacing and hand-wringing and hushed wooping and silent high-fives (Little Face was sleeping!). He did it. They did it. They’re making history.
Now I’m not this huge, can-rattle-off-tons-of-baseball-statistics, know-every-player-in-the-league-and-even-the-coaches, kind of fan, so really I have nothing terribly insightful or constructive to say, except that this is all so very lovely indeed. Here’s to game 7.

ETA: And he did it on the bummiest ankle around. That was just gutsy. Gutsy, I say. Whooo! ~Mike


Written by Donna

20 Oct 2004 at 1049am

Posted in Misc.

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