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Greatest Comeback Ever

The Red Sox made history last night. It wasn’t just a miracle, the Red Sox were simply the better team.

boxscore, Yankees vs Red Sox, 20 October 2004

Red Sox Celebrate


Written by Michael

21 Oct 2004 at 839am

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  1. The greatest comeback ever, you bet. But all I can say is the better team won! And it didn’t cost as much as George has been paying for his team without heart & class. This truly proves that money definetly does not buy everything!

    Mom L

    21 Oct 2004 at 853am

  2. Darn tooting! That A-Rod was A-Fraud, sorry to say.


    21 Oct 2004 at 857am

  3. After that punk move in Game 6? A-hole is more like it. Sorry to say indeed.


    21 Oct 2004 at 141pm

  4. Even though I am a die hard Yankee fan, I must give credit where cerdit is due. Congrats to the Bosox for a job well done.

    stan (dad of donna)

    22 Oct 2004 at 151pm

  5. It is about time. I even watched all the games!!! Glad the Yanks were out of it. Yeah Boston!

    Aunt Debbie

    28 Oct 2004 at 408pm

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