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Moments of Matt’s daily life.

Little Face is slowly starting to acclimate himself to the sitting up on his own process. Mostly he tends to just fold himself in half. Which he seems to enjoy as it gives him the opportunity to wrap his mouth around his apparently tasty tootsies.

The Boopy (uh, see comments below) that we’ve had since birth (a lovely gift from Cin & Bri), has been indispensable. We’ve used it for nursing, for bottle feeding, for propping Matt up while rocking, as a makeshift pillow while traveling in the car, and now as a sitting-up-talking-to-Papa tool. Praise for the Boopy!

We’re still a little ways away from Matty taking over the feeding task himself completely, but he does seem to dig wrapping his wee arm around his baba.

Sleepyhead Little Face wakes up happy from his short nap on the couch.


Written by Donna

26 Oct 2004 at 1110am

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  1. Boopy? Silly me, I always thought it was Boppy. 🙂


    26 Oct 2004 at 247pm

  2. Dude! I typed Boopy?? Um, so silly me, it IS Boppy! But you know, boopy is funny. ‘Cause it’s like poopy. Hee, I’m 12.
    I’ll leave it at Boopy so people know how dim I really am.


    26 Oct 2004 at 353pm

  3. POOR POOR MATTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    aunt shari

    26 Oct 2004 at 554pm

  4. Why? What’s wrong with Matty?


    28 Oct 2004 at 904am

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