A Bowlful of Cherries

Celebrating Matty and Noah

Do Pigs Fly?

They do. Let all those who bemoan the Curse give it a rest. No longer can they use it as a crutch instead of really invesigating why the Sox lost for all those years. But nevermind that now.

Your Boston Red Sox.

Boxscore, Red Sox vs Cardinals, 2004

Sox Win, 2004


Written by Michael

28 Oct 2004 at 857am

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  1. I love that picture, check out the Cardinal on the right. Hee!

    And, let’s not forget to point out…Manny!


    28 Oct 2004 at 1008am

  2. Yeah, that’s Pujols.

    And Papi … and Mueller … and Nixon … and Damon … and Lowe … and Schilling … and Martinez ….


    28 Oct 2004 at 144pm

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