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Uh, um, huh.

Mike and I refer to our blog by its title, Bowlful, even though it resides on our actual website which is cherrypjammies.com. This morning when I went to view my recent entries I started to type bowlful but hit enter before I typed the cherrypjammies part. And this is what I see. Wait ’til it loads and uh, enjoy? ( It even has sound for those of you with speakers.) Weird!

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30 Nov 2004 at 1154am

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He plays.

Matthew is so splendid in countless ways. One way includes his ability to just sit near me and keep himself entertained while I work on the computer. He loves all his little toys, which inevitably make his way into his mouth. We’re thinking that more teeth are on their way as drool production has definitely increased.

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30 Nov 2004 at 1126am

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Everybody does it.

We did it. Poor Little Face. We mischievously gave him a wedge of lemon to suck on. Oh the comedy! The horror! The face! The delayed reaction is what killed me. He would be alright for a second and then make this hilarious screwed up face accompanied by a vicious shiver. I felt bad after we did it. But Mike said that all parents do it at one point or another. Yes our children are here for our entertainment, of course!

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30 Nov 2004 at 1121am

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A new hobby.

Not too long ago my friend Bea introduced me to the activiy of Geocaching. It’s an interesting game of locating a site, memorial, or location by inputting the place’s waypoint (longitude/latitude) into a GPS device. We recently picked up the Garmin eTrex unit. It’s a great device, very easy to use. Basically you punch in the waypoint of a listed location and the GPS points you in the right direction with a little arrow display. It can bring you within 10ft of your desired waypoint. You can get a list of all of the nearby caches by going to the Geocaching website and entering your zip code. Sometimes the cache will be a small hidden box or container with a logbook and some little trickets. Some will contain travel bugs, which are little dogtag-like items that travel from cache to cache. They can travel across the country and some even make it outside the United States! Other caches are virtual, where you just have to visit the site and answer a few questions about what you see there or other related trivia. We have done 6 and have found 4. It’s a great activity that we can all do together. It brings us outside and to interesting, scenic, and sometimes educational locations. It’s amazing how many are out there. There’s 2700 just around our zip code alone! Our first outing brought us to Arlington Cemetery. Check the pics below!

(Little Face is obviously a tad too cool for this, eh?)

ETA: I guess it would help if I let y’all know what the pictures actually are.

In order:
Memorial of Abe Lincoln’s son (or grandson, not sure), Robert Lincoln.
Little Face.
Tomb of Edward Doherty, the man who captured John Wilkes Booth, Abe’s assassin.
Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers.
Memorial to the Challenger space shuttle.
Memorial to those who were lost in the September 11th attack on the Pentagon.

And here are yesterday’s finds. Ah, see how Matty is getting into it?

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30 Nov 2004 at 1107am

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Pigs should be pets, too

There’s a schizoid quality to our relationship with animals, in which sentiment and brutality exist side by side. Half the dogs in America will receive Christmas presents this year, yet few of us pause to consider the miserable life of the pig — an animal easily as intelligent as a dog — that becomes the Christmas ham.
   ~Michael Pollan, professor and writer (1955- )

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30 Nov 2004 at 626am

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Seinfeld Dictionary

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27 Nov 2004 at 808am

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No white meat here

The organic turkey is the new Prius. And since Donna wanted a traditional Thanksgiving meal with all the fixin’s, but a dead bird wasn’t an option, we decided to try the Tofurky. These are the latest wave of eco-chic. No matter what else you say about us, you can’t say that we’re not eco-chic.

Organic turkey sales at Whole Foods Market, the upscale natural-foods chain, have doubled this year. That’s building on gains from last year: sales for organic poultry, which includes turkey, grew 112 percent in 2003. For those, like us, who prefer to eat lower on the food chain, there’s always Tofurky. Manufacturer Turtle Island Foods this year expects to sell 160,000 Tofurky Feasts, which include a meatless “roast,” gravy with tofu “giblets,” and other trimmings. So bon appetit right?

Donna and I went to Whole Foods yesterday morning to pick up our Tofurky. We figured that they weren’t meat, so the defrosting stage shouldn’t take that long. But the Tofurkies were blocks of ice, requiring a full day of defrosting. After rejecting the idea of eating the Thanksgiving meal on Friday, we rummaged through the “unmeat” section and unearthed the Unturkey. The Unturkey only required 3-4 hours for defrosting and had a short cooking time (10-12 minutes!), as long as we sliced the partially thawed unturkey before cooking. So we got it. At nearly $6/pound, it better be worth it.

Here’s Matty investigating the contents of the box.

matty inspects the unturkey

The Unturkey is made of wheat gluten with a “skin” of tofu. Note the “crispy” skin.

upclose to the turkey

Matty looks skeptical. Why can’t people just stick to oatmeal? It’s good stuff.

matty enjoying his own meal

It really didn’t slice very well, even being partially frozen. The stuffing got knocked out. Note the lack of white meat.

sliced unturkeymore slices

We cooked it for 12 minutes, and, since we hadn’t finished cooking the rest of our meal (mashed potatoes, asparagus with lemon, carrots, corn, and rolls), we covered the slices with foil to keep warm. After grace, the ceremonial first bite:

first bite

Five minutes later, still chewing.


We may have overcooked it (or maybe it’s just nasty). It wasn’t good at all: rubbery and chewy. To me, it tasted like stuffing, which I hate. Donna likes stuffing, but she cannot eat anything chewy — you don’t swallow gum, right? I had a slice, Donna couldn’t finish it, and the Unturkey was a turkey.

down the chute

In other news, the lemon cheesecake was brilliant. And Matty had a good day.

matty enjoying his own day

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26 Nov 2004 at 804am

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