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Celebrating Matty and Noah

1st time brusher.

Since there are now 2 stunning teeth hanging out in Matty’s mouth, we’ve decided that it is the best time to start him on a healthy teeth regime. Typically, ever since he was on formula only, his nightly routine included a bottle right before bedtime. More often than not, he would fall asleep in our arms while finishing off his last meal of the day. Even though he would fall off with his baba still in his mouth, we would gently extract it and place him in his crib sans bottle. However, in order to effectively stave off bottle-rot we figured we had to do more. Now after he finishes his last sip, we open his little mouth and brush-brush-brush those new sweet teeth. We use Baby Orajel safe to swallow training toothpaste and he actually seems to enjoy it. And if he needs to drink a bit more to go to sleep for the night, that’s okay, ’cause he is getting his first taste of good old water. He’s a little “eh” on it right now, but he’ll get used to it.


Written by Donna

05 Nov 2004 at 1157pm

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  1. The thing of it is, there’s something in the toothpaste that makes Matty wide awake. He stays up for minutes (loooong minutes) after he finishes gargling.


    06 Nov 2004 at 1021am

  2. Mom told me last night that you used to brush your teeth forever…think it’s really an inherited trait rather than the toothpaste? 😉


    06 Nov 2004 at 528pm

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