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Bananas. No, I mean, REAL bananas.

Okay, he’s been sucking down his Gerber 1st Stage ‘nanas for the last 2 months, so I figure, why not try the real thing? I cut up a few slices into real itty little bits and placed them on his food tray. He looked down at them, patted and pawed and smushed and mushed. But those pieces were going nowhere near his mouth. So I helped him out and popped a few in, one at a time. A little chewing and then the “I-don’t-like-this-why-are-you-poisoning-me” shimmy. It’s all very cute and despite that, he did manage to swallow a few. I cleaned up and vowed to try again.
Later that night, I had some leftover Gerber pears in the fridge and decided to ease in the banana pieces under the guise of the pears. It worked well actually. He ate the pears (and the stowaway bananas) and kept the “this-is-icky” dance to a minimum. The fear in his eyes in that first picture seems to tell me that he knew there was something awry with his beloved pears. I did make him happy after all was said and done by offering him a spoon and a pot to bang on. Good times.


Written by Donna

05 Nov 2004 at 1128pm

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  1. Try, if you will, to hum the Psycho tune as you look at the first picture.


    06 Nov 2004 at 1016am

  2. the first two pictures are way too funny, his face priceless

    aunt shari

    08 Nov 2004 at 1128am

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