A Bowlful of Cherries

Celebrating Matty and Noah

Matt & me.

Messing around at the computer. Lately he enjoys sitting on my lap while I “work”. He’s even cute when you can’t see his face. Dig that hair swirl. Nice.


Written by Donna

05 Nov 2004 at 1115pm

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  1. Yah, mommy’s working on some complex temperature gradients showing how global warming will disrupt activity in the apartment. See the model in the second photo! And look as Matty absorbs his daily lesson in atmospheric physics in the third photo.


    06 Nov 2004 at 1018am

  2. that hair swirl is a very long piece of hair, his hair just might grow as fast as aunt shari’s

    aunt shari

    08 Nov 2004 at 1130am

  3. Never! Little boys with long hair? No.


    08 Nov 2004 at 1227pm

  4. Well well, I can think of one boy that had long hair. Ahem!


    08 Nov 2004 at 1236pm

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