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Doing what we do best, futzing around on the Mac. We don’t have a stereo system here and God knows Matty gets inundated with Mike and my’s somewhat questionable renditions of songs from the 80s, 90s, and today. So often times Little Face and I will sit and listen to music on the computer. He’s really quite taken with Dan Hartman. “I can dream about you…if I can hold you tonight.” Do you remember?


Written by Donna

17 Nov 2004 at 1238pm

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  1. I remember that song very well…even Mike singing it in the shower. Or was that “Beat It”? 😉


    17 Nov 2004 at 446pm

  2. Bom.. bom.. bom.. bom.. bombombombombombombom!

    (Hey! It was Beat It.)


    17 Nov 2004 at 526pm

  3. I was a big fan of the Thriller album too!


    17 Nov 2004 at 531pm

  4. The Thriller video freaked me out when I first saw it…Beat It could have been Eat It (Weird Al), too.


    17 Nov 2004 at 1017pm

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