A Bowlful of Cherries

Celebrating Matty and Noah

He plays.

Matthew is so splendid in countless ways. One way includes his ability to just sit near me and keep himself entertained while I work on the computer. He loves all his little toys, which inevitably make his way into his mouth. We’re thinking that more teeth are on their way as drool production has definitely increased.


Written by Donna

30 Nov 2004 at 1126am

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  1. Are the new teeth coming in on the top?


    02 Dec 2004 at 1017pm

  2. Not yet. Soon.


    03 Dec 2004 at 1048am

  3. Still not in yet, although the cranky factor has upped a notch (or two).


    09 Dec 2004 at 932am

  4. Poor baby. I feel bad for the little guy. Thank goodness it’s temporary.


    09 Dec 2004 at 1026am

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