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Christmas in the Garden State.

On December 24th, we packed up the car and hit the road. Onward to Jersey! It was a nice day for a drive up to my homestate and Matthew remained agreeable and in good spirits the whole way there. Upon leaving our place, I puzzled to Mike, “Our big car here is already packed, and we only have 1 small babe. What could possibly next?” And then he said it, the dreaded M word. “Minivan”. Ewwww. Mike admits that he thinks the automatic sliding doors are cool. My thoughts? No. No. And no. Please not yet. Anyhoo, we arrived to NJ on time (can you believe it?), relaxed for a bit and then headed over to my stepsister’s house for a wonderful Christmas Eve celebration. Matt’s traveling caught up with him apparently, and even though I know he enjoyed meeting more of his relatives, he was definitely in a crankypants-teething-I’ve-been-up-for-46-hours-straight-mood. I hope no one noticed much.

The next morning Little Face woke up refreshed and happy and we enjoyed watching him opening his first Christmas present. I like the blissful droopy eyes.

After we got Matthew dressed in his festive sweater (the cutest!), Grandma Rose and Poppy Stan acquainted him with KC. She was thrilled. Okay, not really. But isn’t Matt’s sweater cute?

And now, onto Colonia! We arrived early and Aunt Shari bogarted Little Face immediately. She oohed and ahhed over his sweater (of course!) and then let him at some of his presents. I love how determined and serious Matt looks as he works at the paper.

Grandma Chrissy sits with Matt and hears all about his new Brainy Baby toy.

Presents, presents, presents. Brett helps Matty along.

At one point, he stops and does a few push-ups on one of the gifts. Show-off.

In the end, right now, at this age? It’s all about the paper. Of course some of it went right in the mouth. But no worries, we kept his holiday gift wrap consumption to under 4 pounds total.

Ahhh, a white Christmas. Technically a day late, but we’ll take it. Matt doesn’t quite know what to think of it. “Is the sky falling?” “Is somebody spitting on me?” “Bird poop?” In the end, he seemed to be tickled by it.

We had a lovely visit and were glad to spend so much time with our NJ family. We thank everyone for their hospitality and generosity. See you all soon!

Written by Donna

29 Dec 2004 at 1137am

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Merry Christmas

During this special time of year, we extend to you our warm wishes and sincere gratitude. May you have a lovely and bright Holiday season, and peace and prosperity in the coming year.

matty wearing a santa suit       matty in xmas clothes       more matty in red

Written by Donna

23 Dec 2004 at 135pm

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Did you know you can add smilies to your comments? Here are the full range of icons for pleasure. When adding a comment, simply type the appropriate key strokes, and they will be converted to the graphical smiley.

Like so: ” 8O ” will be converted to 8-O! Pretty neat!

:) :-) and :smile: produce :-)
:D :-D and :grin: produce :-D
:( :-( and :sad: produce :-(
:o :-o and :eek: produce :-o
8O 8-O and :shock: produce 8-O
:? :-? and :???: produce :-?
8) 8-) and :cool: produce 8-)
:lol: produces :lol:
:x :-x and :mad: produce :-x
:P :-P and :razz: produce :-P
😮ops: produces :oops:
:cry: produces :cry:
:evil: produces :evil:
:twisted: produces :twisted:
:roll: produces :roll:
;) ;-) and :wink: produce ;-)
:!: produces :!:
:idea: produces :idea:
:arrow: produces :arrow:
:| :-| and :neutral: produce :-|
:mrgreen: produces :mrgreen:

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23 Dec 2004 at 1005am

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See-saw and more.

Our last geocache on Saturday was located in a great little park in Arlington. It had a ton of kid stuff. Technically, the whippersnappers are supposed to be between 2 and 5. But we thought it okay for Little Face to try the rides, being that he was under adult (or you know, Mike and I) supervision. Really we were holding onto him every second. The see-saw was first, but he seemd more interested in sucking on the bars than anything else, so we quickly moved on.

This slide was so cool. Those rollers really make your tush feel weird!

Written by Donna

20 Dec 2004 at 204am

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Sleep marks the spot.

Sometimes Matty falls asleep while in his carseat. Since he’s upgraded from the infant carrier to an upright seat, there’s less slant and more head-drooped-over-so-cheek-leans-on-harness. Which of course leads to these funny sleep marks. As you can see I really tried to capture the perfect composition of sunlight, chicken cheeks, and dried snookies. I’m sure when he’s older he’ll appreciate my mad picture-taking skillz.

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20 Dec 2004 at 146am

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This is our hobby. I may be addicted.

Geocaching is still our weekend activity of choice. What’s not to love? It’s cheap, we’re together, we’re outdoors, we’re getting some exercise, having some fun, sometimes falling down in the mud and leaves. It’s a simple joy. We’re up to 32 finds and hope to hit some more when we head up to NJ for the holidays.

Written by Donna

20 Dec 2004 at 128am

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Sleepyhead funny face.

More new cozy jammies. (We’re on a roll!) It is a nice thing to wake up to such a jolly, smiling babe.

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20 Dec 2004 at 108am

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