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See-saw and more.

Our last geocache on Saturday was located in a great little park in Arlington. It had a ton of kid stuff. Technically, the whippersnappers are supposed to be between 2 and 5. But we thought it okay for Little Face to try the rides, being that he was under adult (or you know, Mike and I) supervision. Really we were holding onto him every second. The see-saw was first, but he seemd more interested in sucking on the bars than anything else, so we quickly moved on.

This slide was so cool. Those rollers really make your tush feel weird!


Written by Donna

20 Dec 2004 at 204am

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  1. So yeah, Matty enjoyed that park. He got a ride on the butt massager, and the cold see-saw soothed some of that teething pain. And, in the dim recesses of his memory, he probably remembers that swing Nana got for him.


    20 Dec 2004 at 1032am

  2. Gosh, I just read that entry from May 26th and do you remember? The sleepless nights? Glory, thank the Lord that that part is over.


    20 Dec 2004 at 1049am

  3. Aye, but the poo bombs have commenced.


    20 Dec 2004 at 1052am

  4. I’ll take poo over no zzzzzzzs, any day. I think you may beg to differ, eh?


    20 Dec 2004 at 356pm

  5. Not at all, actually. So long as those poo bombs come when I’m safely at work!



    21 Dec 2004 at 1040am

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