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Tsunami Recovery Effort

We share a common sadness for the catastrophic loss caused by the recent tsunami in the Indian Ocean. Pictures, words and numbers cannot capture the true sense of human suffering and environmental devastation.

Aid is desperately needed both in the short and long terms. In the short term, money is needed to help clothe, feed and provide shelter to the victims of this terrible disaster. Medicine and medical supplies are urgently required to treat the injured, with fresh water and water purification tablets needed to prevent the spread of disease.

In the long term, a huge amount of money will be needed to rebuild homes, roads and other basic infrastructure. Indonesia has estimated that it will take around 4 years to rebuild the Northern city of Banda Aceh alone.

There are many existing humanitarian relief options now available for individual charitable contributions. USAID has compiled a list of the NGOs providing tsunami relief. BlogAid has compiled a short list of some of the relief agencies accepting contributions. The International Red Cross web site has information about missing loved ones.

Those of you wishing to make contributions are encouraged to make one-time cash or check donations to organizations of your choice. Thanks again for your generosity and caring spirit.


Written by Michael

04 Jan 2005 at 421pm

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