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We took a short trip to the Sunshine State recently and like always Little Face was a superb travel buddy. Our plane going down was full of people escaping the cold including some other whippersnappers. There was a particularly sweet little tyke seated in front of us. Her name was Hannah and she was 10 months old with adorable blonde hair and blue eyes. Matty was indeed smiling at her. For sure Matt makes for a happy air passenger:

We arrived on Wednesday morning and had a wonderful 4 days in perfect temps and blue skies. We did some boating, some swimming, some walking, and some geocaching (and in my case, some falling). We all had a great time and thank Dad and Rose for their hospitality!

Matt proves he is most definitely my son by taking on his mama’s favorite sleeping face. The flight home was good, though we did have to deal with one poopy diaper. But we won’t talk about that. Just note that Matt is sitting in his carseat in just his onesie. But he’s still smiling!

Written by Donna

23 Feb 2005 at 245pm

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Playing Fort in the Living Room

Since Matty’s become so mobile and curious, we’ve had to baby-proof our house. We don’t like the idea of plopping him into his crib or playard, since he doesn’t have room to crawl around. Plus, those are for sleeping anyway. Just like you wouldn’t eat or watch TV in bed (right?), we don’t let Matty play with his toys in his crib.

So we set up the following defenses (same picture as below):

living room fort

Now Matty has room to roam around. The doors to the bathroom and the bedroom are shut, so he’s got the hallway for straightaway gallops. The outlets are covered and wires are behind large pieces of furniture. The coffee table is filled with books, so he can learn to cherish the printed word (“cherish” meaning “pull down, rip cover, fold pages in half, crack spine, eat acid-free paper”). (We’ll start cramming the shelves absolutely full, so Matty can’t pull the books out. :wink:) The table also offers a pull-up station, so Matty can develop those important deltoid and latissimus dorsi muscles.

Soon, the little man will figure out our defenses (the boppy, in the lower left corner, is the weak point, but don’t tell him that!), and we’ll have to build a moat or something. But then he’ll learn to swim, so we’ll have to fill the moat with pirahnas. It’s a never-ending battle.

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23 Feb 2005 at 126pm

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Matt likes it best when he’s flying through the air like a little tree monkey. The giggles are what’s best.

papa and mattmore papa and matt

Then again, he does like to play like this too. You know dragging out lots and lots of toys, all at once. Notice the makeshift barricade that we’ve fashioned in order to keep him in the safe zone.

living room fort

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23 Feb 2005 at 107pm

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Happy Birthday to my Love

Today is Donna’s birthday! I didn’t manage to wake her up with pancakes and coffee in bed (Matty beat me to it — he woke her up, that is, and not with coffee and pancakes), but I did make the pancakes later. After she opened her gifts, that is. I got her a red billboard messenger bag from Timbuktu, to go with a very nice Delias bag from Jill and a fabulous garlic press from Jodi.

But the corker, if I may say so, was this life poster I had made:

Life Poster

It’s a 20″x30″ poster filled with 91 photos taken throughout the year. There are pictures, if you look closely, that you’ll recognize from previous entries on this blog. I had the picture made at Snapfish, and they did a great job.

(If you want to know how to make your own life poster, and you have a Mac, email me, and I’ll help you out. You can google “life poster” if you want, but those instructions weren’t complete (resulting in some hair pulling). If you don’t have a Mac, I’ll see if I can find instructions.)

Happy Birthday, Donna! May you have many more, and may I always make pancakes for you in the morning.

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14 Feb 2005 at 206pm

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To my big sis…

We three wish you a very Happy Birthday! No way can you be 35 dude!

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10 Feb 2005 at 254pm

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Our day yesterday.

Oh yes, it has started. The standing up! Incredibly cute. You know, now, before he starts climbing the dresser or pulling himself outta the crib, which I’m hoping is like just a myth and no babes actually succeed in escaping their sleeping quarters. He’s so tall right now, and we’re just about at the last slot on his mattress, so…

Anyways, this is a nice way to start the day:

We grabbed our jackets and hit the park. He had some fun on the swing. Well, until he got bored and stuck his thumb in his mouth and just sat there waiting for us to do something else.

Next, on to Whole Foods for a Jamba Juice, which is an awesome fruit smoothie. I’m a particular fan of the Citris Squeeze. I let Matty try it and at first, well, just take a look at that face. But then, a smile, so I’m thinking he digs it too.

We had a nice walk and then headed on home where Matt had his afternoon nap. Of course when he woke up, it was more of this:

Finally, later on that night, all three of us hung out and played “SuperMattyBoy!”, we snapped some great shots of those big new pearly white front teeth:

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10 Feb 2005 at 229pm

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9 months!

Matthew had his 9 month old checkup on Monday. He took it all pretty well considering he had yet another shot and also had his hemoglobin tested. This entailed a nice little prick on the bottom of his tootsie. This, he did not appreciate anymore than the long needle in his chunky chicken thigh. But all in all, he handled it like the little tropper that he is, with minimal screaming. He was even smiling at the nurses when we were signing out! A first! Here he is in happy moments, you know, before the needles.

And here are his current stats:

Weight: 23 lbs. 2.2 oz
Height: 30.5 inches
Head: 19 cm

He is all in proportion and doing well. And since they give you the hemo results right away, we know too that his iron is absolutely perfect.
We’re looking forward to the 12 month visit!

Written by Donna

10 Feb 2005 at 219pm

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