A Bowlful of Cherries

Celebrating Matty and Noah

Our day yesterday.

Oh yes, it has started. The standing up! Incredibly cute. You know, now, before he starts climbing the dresser or pulling himself outta the crib, which I’m hoping is like just a myth and no babes actually succeed in escaping their sleeping quarters. He’s so tall right now, and we’re just about at the last slot on his mattress, so…

Anyways, this is a nice way to start the day:

We grabbed our jackets and hit the park. He had some fun on the swing. Well, until he got bored and stuck his thumb in his mouth and just sat there waiting for us to do something else.

Next, on to Whole Foods for a Jamba Juice, which is an awesome fruit smoothie. I’m a particular fan of the Citris Squeeze. I let Matty try it and at first, well, just take a look at that face. But then, a smile, so I’m thinking he digs it too.

We had a nice walk and then headed on home where Matt had his afternoon nap. Of course when he woke up, it was more of this:

Finally, later on that night, all three of us hung out and played “SuperMattyBoy!”, we snapped some great shots of those big new pearly white front teeth:

Written by Donna

10 Feb 2005 at 229pm

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  1. I can’t believe how big he is getting and how fast he has grown… he is such a beautiful boy with that bright smile and eyes. And as for the jumping out of the crib… it’s not a myth. If he is anything like his cousin Ellie then watch out!(you have at least 6 months though!!)


    10 Feb 2005 at 516pm

  2. He’s huge! Every time we go to the doctor, and we learn that he weighs 23 pounds, I’m astounded! There’s no way he’s only 23 pounds.

    Or maybe I’m getting weak in my advanced age. 😥


    11 Feb 2005 at 759am

  3. I have put the one with him standing in his crib (firt thing in the morning) as my screen saver. Now every morning, he is smiling at me.

    Hope to be there in April (end of the month) Will let you know final plans.


    Vicki Loob

    18 Feb 2005 at 129pm

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