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Happy Birthday to my Love

Today is Donna’s birthday! I didn’t manage to wake her up with pancakes and coffee in bed (Matty beat me to it — he woke her up, that is, and not with coffee and pancakes), but I did make the pancakes later. After she opened her gifts, that is. I got her a red billboard messenger bag from Timbuktu, to go with a very nice Delias bag from Jill and a fabulous garlic press from Jodi.

But the corker, if I may say so, was this life poster I had made:

Life Poster

It’s a 20″x30″ poster filled with 91 photos taken throughout the year. There are pictures, if you look closely, that you’ll recognize from previous entries on this blog. I had the picture made at Snapfish, and they did a great job.

(If you want to know how to make your own life poster, and you have a Mac, email me, and I’ll help you out. You can google “life poster” if you want, but those instructions weren’t complete (resulting in some hair pulling). If you don’t have a Mac, I’ll see if I can find instructions.)

Happy Birthday, Donna! May you have many more, and may I always make pancakes for you in the morning.

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14 Feb 2005 at 206pm

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  1. The poster, IS AWESOME. And so were the pancakes. But the poster is just, it’s absolutely wonderful. We’ll be having it framed.


    14 Feb 2005 at 219pm

  2. happy b’day to my other sis, i hope you a have a great day and many more, lots of love


    14 Feb 2005 at 308pm

  3. Happy belated Birthday Donna! Hope you had a great day!!


    15 Feb 2005 at 917am

  4. Thanks for all the birthday day wishes everybody! 🙂


    15 Feb 2005 at 107pm

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