A Bowlful of Cherries

Celebrating Matty and Noah


We took a short trip to the Sunshine State recently and like always Little Face was a superb travel buddy. Our plane going down was full of people escaping the cold including some other whippersnappers. There was a particularly sweet little tyke seated in front of us. Her name was Hannah and she was 10 months old with adorable blonde hair and blue eyes. Matty was indeed smiling at her. For sure Matt makes for a happy air passenger:

We arrived on Wednesday morning and had a wonderful 4 days in perfect temps and blue skies. We did some boating, some swimming, some walking, and some geocaching (and in my case, some falling). We all had a great time and thank Dad and Rose for their hospitality!

Matt proves he is most definitely my son by taking on his mama’s favorite sleeping face. The flight home was good, though we did have to deal with one poopy diaper. But we won’t talk about that. Just note that Matt is sitting in his carseat in just his onesie. But he’s still smiling!

Written by Donna

23 Feb 2005 at 245pm

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  1. Good stuff! Lots of great pictures.

    Matt really took to the pool, but only after we told him it was just a big bathtub. He’ll be the next Ian Thorpe yet!


    23 Feb 2005 at 307pm

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